As VP Sales and Marketing for the Division, Peter’s vision was to aggressively approach our bottler network and guide them into a new direction of proactive direct store distribution. This was the opposite of the old Division paradigm of central manufacturing and indirect/ad hock distribution. He set up DSD systems in all of our key markets including China, India, Pakistan and Hungary, which became the foundation that exists throughout the region today: PepsiCo’s most productive and profitable growth markets (Russia, India, China). Once the distribution systems were established, Peter’s Marketing acumen was applied, providing consumers with brand and package promotional options that solidified and grew both our Divison share and profitability.”

– Les Ham; President PepsiCo Asia Eastern Europe Division 1990 – 1995

Peter Swanson was my BDM and then my AVP in the Philadelphia Area during my tenure in the Eastern Division of PBG. Peter was instrumental in driving sales volume, gross and net revenues and profitability during his tenure in these key positions. He accomplished these milestones by looking and acting “outside the box” in developing long term strategies in dealing with the retail trade, area bottlers, and the union. His understanding of the entire logistical processes involved in making an entity successful in the CPG industry (Manufacturing, Transportation, Warehousing, Selling and Delivery) is immense. Peter is able to identify the key areas of an entire operation’s logistical needs that need to change to attain an entities long term strategic objectives. Peter understands the “give and take” that becomes necessary between the many functions in a CPG logistical process to maximize profits.”

Steve Schreckengaust; Executive VP, Pepsi Cola Bottling Group