Execution Success

He who loves practice without theory is like the sailor who boards a ship without a rudder and compass and never knows where he may cast.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci


Many companies spend a significant amount of effort and money creating lofty roadmaps for success that, more often than not, don’t lead the company to its intended destination. The reason companies lose their way is not because they are unable to craft a good strategic roadmap, it is because they don’t have the mechanisms in place to keep their car on the road.

What sets Compass International Consulting apart?  In short, execution success.  Wether you are looking for help crafting your strategic roadmap and/or overcoming the roadblocks keeping you from execution success, CIC is the only company offering end-to-end solutions. Unlike our competitors, CIC works to conceptualize, develop and actually EXECUTE outlined recommendations to get results.

Compass International Consulting will keep your car on the road and navigate you to profitable growth.” ~ Peter R. Swanson, President & CEO 

CIC consistently finds five roadblocks between companies and execution success:
1. Clarification

2. Communication

3. Alignment

4. Measurement

5. Synergy with Management Process

Clarification: A strategy must be a tangible, relevant statement of business intent, and not a collection of broad, sweeping statements that force individual interpretation. Without clear connections between the drivers, actions, outcomes and rewards, a strategy is irrelevant to the organization. Poor clarification of the value proposition, in particular, is not a trivial detour on this journey.  The value proposition is the arch stone of an organization’s overall strategy. The extent to which a company can offer a relevant, differentiated value proposition to its customers not only drives financial performance, it provides valuable insight into the internal process, competencies and culture it must cultivate to be successful.

Communication: Even when clearly defined, strategy isn’t always effectively communicated.  Establishing common language and method of communicating strategy and enabling that communication at every level is important.
Alignment: Clear, concise strategies that are effectively communicated still can’t drive significant value unless the entire organization understands how their individual actions are strategically aligned. High-level strategies must be broken down into specific sub-objectives, which can then be owned and executed at every organizational level.
Measurement: Most companies focus on lag indicators (financial outcomes) instead of key drivers of performance (lead indicators). Intangible assets include management effectiveness, process excellence, brand recognition, and innovation. Focusing on tangible assets alone, like financial results and budget discrepancies, limits managements view of performance to past results alone. To effectively measure past performance and predict future performance more accurately an approach inclusive of lead indicators is needed.
Synergy with Management Process: CIC will create a roadmap for success by helping organizations effectively clarify their strategy in a holistic manner, communicate the strategy to all stakeholders, align all departments behind the strategy, and measure strategic performance. However, the best map in the world does not help a driver that does not know how to read it. To avoid the last roadblock, CIC will connect the roadmap for success to the management processes that steer the business. Integration of these critical management processes enables companies to effectively execute strategy and to reach their intended destinations.


Compass International Consulting provides executives, middle-management, and employee teams the customized, hands-on assistance necessary to produce results – for the firm, the customer and the bottom line.