Great advice for start ups

Building and running a start up can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time.  While experience is the best teacher, it sure does take a lot of time, trial & error. If your business book wish list is long and you’re short on time it is valuable to find poignant advice that is summarized.  The author of the below advise is Philip Greenspun and while his background is in software, materials science, and electronic hardware his advice is applicable to start up food & beverage companies. It is also short & sweet.  Topics below and content after the jump:

  • Three Good Reasons to Start Your Own Company
  • Don’t Get Too Good at Raising Money
  • Venture Capital and the Successful Company = High Risk
  • Everyone on the Board should have held Profit-and-Loss Responsibility
  • Don’t be in a Rush to Hire Top Managers
  • One Good Book on Management
  • How to Interview Someone
  • Get an explicit assignment of copyright from software developers
  • How to Fire Someone
  • How to Buy Someone Out
  • Hire a Good Lawyer, but Don’t Overuse Him or Her
  • Basics of Running a Board Meeting
  • When it is time to sell… use an investment banker

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