Top 10 reasons to choose CIC

10:     We are Connected.
CIC has a large international and domestic network of key CPG executives, decision makers and companies.
9:     We have proven industry Experience.
We have lead dozens of CPG transformations in 46 countries for over 40 years. Our expertise avoids pitfalls and common mistakes made early on. We know what will and will not work: We know the speed at which things can get implemented. We know the competitive situation and its impact on degree of success. We know how to communicate effectively with you, your employees, and your customers with minimum time on the “learning curve”.


8:    We are Comprehensive.
We have hands on experience in both DSD and warehouse delivered industries for a multitude of food and beverage companies. Our functional areas of expertise run from start-up to manufacturing from finished goods storage and transport logistics to the point of consumer purchase and outlet execution.  Our cross-functional expertise in both day-to-day tactical business initiatives and the long-term strategic approach makes CIC a one-stop-shop for your CPG consulting needs.


7:    We are Accountable.
We are straightforward, up front, and above all, reliable. Every client receives a project status report weekly with budget and timeline information. We use a proven task-driven methodology that holds us accountable for our work every step of the way.  We don’t ask you to trust us.  We show you why you CAN trust us.


6:     We are Specialized.
We have deep knowledge of all the elements in the CPG industry; operations, distribution, sales, marketing, and retail execution.  With our proprietary insights and approaches, you receive a level and quality of service unparalleled in the market today.  Our real world industry experience is much more important than theoretical knowledge. Our specialized skills come from having run PepsiCo and PepsiAmericas company owned bottling operations (COBO), GM roles (volume, share and profit responsibility) in 8 international plants, and managed successful start ups in India, China and Eastern Europe.


5:     We are Dynamic.
We harness change and turn its energy to your competitive advantage.  While we have certain methodologies, every project is a collaboration instead of a ‘black box’ process.  The balanced combination of our innovative young guns and our experience wise veterans lets us custom tailor the latest best practices to your needs.


4:     We are Invested.
We take on your challenges and treat them as our own.  In short, we think like owners.


3:     We have Longevity.
CIC is entirely self-funded and has no debt, so you can have confidence that we will always be in business. Long after the last solution has been implemented or the last test has been performed, CIC will still be by your side, making sure your business is running at full efficiency and with complete integration.


2:     We offer Exclusivity.
Because we only take on a handful of new clients a year, you can take comfort in knowing that you will never be neglected. CIC will put you on a pedestal, and that is where you will stay.  We value your work so we refuse to sacrifice quality for quantity.


1:    We get Results.
Unlike competing consulting firms, CIC works to successfully execute customized, market-driven recommendations.  We provide actionable end-to-end solutions that lead to overall system enhancements and will change the paradigm for improved performance, share, and profitability. Completing the process between 5D’s & execution success: we make sure you own and understand the strategies and tactics to achieve your business objectives.

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