Top 10 Reasons to Choose CIC:

10: We are CONNECTED.

9: We have proven industry EXPERIENCE



6: We are …

How to get ahead?

Business today is complex: There is increasing competition, decreasing margins, greater customer and marketplace sophistication and diversification, constant evolution in e-commerce and social media, and higher expectations. How does a company stay on top of it all? Part of the answer lies in rapidly launching impactful solutions to your customers, consumers and employees. Yet, how is that accomplished with limited in-house resources?

Compass International Consulting is the solution.  We are here to navigate you through these turbulent times and map you a new and stable course.  SEE OUR SERVICES…

About us:

We are committed to being a different kind of consulting organization. We are consulting professionals, not professional consultants. We get to know our clients, and we work together to analyze your strategic goals, providing on-time and on-budget project completions as promised.

CIC offers a comprehensive suite of consulting services to consumer-packaged goods companies (CPG) with special focus on the beverage, salty snack, and distribution industries. We are CPG veterans with cross-functional expertise in both day-to-day tactical business initiatives and the long-term strategic approach READ MORE…